Engaging for Impact 2019

“Engaging for Impact goes to the heart of what RMIT is all about … education that translates to the real world.”

RMIT’s city campus was bustling with Australian innovators. A meeting point for academia, industry and professionals to connect, explore and create together. Heads together they explored:

Melbourne 8 Million

With Melbourne’s population set to reach 8 million by 2051, the work of building a robust and resilient city for our communities must start now. Conversations and interactive workshops explored methods of handling the march toward Melbourne 8 Million.

Empowering Health

Rapid advances in medical technology, big data, disease prevention and smarter systems offer exciting opportunities to put future healthcare into the hands of the people. These opportunities were dissected and expanded upon as we discussed methods of Empowering Health.

Ethical Innovation & Industry Transformation

Doing something better is not always the same as doing the right thing. Where does ethics sit in the race for innovation? Together, we delved into the balance between Ethical Innovation & Industry Transformation.

Collaborative Shared Futures

Shared futures mean sharing the journey. How do we want to start? How do we best combine our knowledge and resources to ensure a healthier, more efficient life for everyone? These questions and more were asked and expanded upon as we took steps into our Collaborative Shared Futures.

Engaging for Impact 2018

“Engaging for Impact has been designed to challenge our thinking and create the impact we can only achieve together.”

In the spirit of collaboration researchers and industry professionals delved into complex themes that required careful and nuanced thinking. At RMIT’s city campus, we came together to unpack:

Big Data Society

We uncovered the implications for society in the capture, transmission and exploitation of data. Questions were raised and explored on: Analytics and Security, the ethics of data, artificial intelligence and so much more.

Future of Care

A focus on creating new insights on how we can meet the challenges of ageing populations, designing new systems of service provision and achieving digital health solutions.

Disrupting the Industrial Economy

We explored how we can harness the power of digitalisation and servitisation in business, economic systems and engineering by using Industry 4.0 as context.

Urban Transformation

How we can harness technology and transform the way we plan, build and govern cities to create a healthy, livable and more sustainable future?

Who Should Attend

Policy makers, healthcare professionals, creative practitioners, disruptors, futurists, research-led innovators, academic scholars and business entrepreneurs. Engaging for Impact 2020 is FREE of charge as part of RMIT's commitment to fostering greater collaboration between the University and the communities we serve.