Engaging for Impact

Join us for three days of interactive sessions with local and international leaders across industry, research and innovation as we identify collaborative opportunities that will help shape our future.

Engaging for Impact 2020 will give all participants the perfect forum to share insights, global trends, industry needs and best practices to ensure research and innovation is relevant and creating value and impact for Australia and the world.

Visionary keynote speakers, panel discussions, master classes, industry spotlight and priority workshops will focus on emerging and current trends and potential solutions to address the challenges faced by our society.

We encourage you to make this event part of your professional development for 2020, and look forward to welcoming you to our City campus next February.

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Future energy, waste and materials

With the rapid onset of urbanisation, it is critical that we harness ethical and sustainable innovations in energy, materials and waste management to foster healthy, inclusive cities and communities.

It’s time to address the challenging questions: How sustainable can Australia’s energy be? How do we meet the demands of customers, markets and the communities most at risk? How do we collaborate to create a future for waste management that is smarter, cleaner and more efficient?

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Integrated care: putting people at the heart of health

The future of health in Australia calls for more open and collaborative efforts to ensure integrated, patient-centred care. An ideal health system must bring together a range of critical resources and processes for keeping people healthy, while addressing their needs and preferences when they are unwell.

Envisioning and implementing integrated care is full of challenges around funding, quality of care, workforce wellbeing and communication. With so many moving parts — policy, suppliers, community and health care systems — how can we create a health care culture and practice that prioritises people-centred care?

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Living in cities: people, places, transport

The Australian population is expected to reach 29.8 million by 2030, with three in four living in large cities. Limiting urban sprawl, redeveloping underused places and creating innovative, multifunctional, sustainable precincts is a major challenge for growing cities and states.

The hurdles we face from urbanisation, congestion and a growing, aging population with complex commuter demands and behaviour requires collaborative, innovative solutions that prioritise people. How can we create and shape smarter and more connected places to live from a human perspective?

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Digital inclusion

With a growing range of education, information, government, and community services moving online, internet access is increasingly regarded as an essential service.

Digital inclusion is based on the premise that everyone should be able to make full use of digital technologies – to manage their health and wellbeing, access education and services, organise their finances, and connect with friends, family, and the world beyond. Digital inclusion is also important for Australia’s national welfare: it is a necessary element in the environmental, social and economic transformations embodied in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. So how can we ensure that their internet and digital communications are accessible and affordable for all Australians?

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Who Should Attend

Policy makers, healthcare professionals, creative practitioners, disruptors, futurists, research-led innovators, academic scholars and business entrepreneurs. Engaging for Impact 2020 is FREE of charge as part of RMIT's commitment to fostering greater collaboration between the University and the communities we serve.